Thursday, November 24, 2011

Malaysia vs Syria (Part 3)

So yesterday (23.11.2011) was the challenge between Malaysia and Syria. It was also my first time and also my last D: Because of some personal reason. It was totally the best time i've had in years! A lot of shouting and screaming! xD Eventhough Malaysia lost, but i will always be proud of them, lose or win. :) They are the best! I'm still tired though from last night. My voice is getting more clearer. :3

I went their with my cousins and my nephews and niece. They are so young but their support is so great!

Well, there are a lot of story to be told but i'm tired and i'll not be blogging til Monday cause i'm going to Kedah tomorrow :') Wish me luck for carriying hantaran :))

Til then, Asalamualaikum :))

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Booyah! Malaysia vs Syria (Part 2)

Booyah! Remember my last post saying my dad allow me going to the stadium then he changed and said no. Well, he was kidding! He just wanna see what my reaction is. Booyah! So imma going to the stadium tonight! I love you daddy! Booyahh! My bro's paying for the food. Hope he doesn't change his mind and cry and saying he changed his mind. Then I have to pay for the food DD: NOOO!! Ahhh!! I did the dance like when Malaysia won the other day! Man i'm so happy! Alhamdulilah! So imma do my homework before i go! Happy like a crazy person! Only i don't have any jersi. D: I guess my sister will do her last minute shopping, i guess.

So I guess that's it. I wanna mention about the photos in my blog. I choose some pictures to put in my blog. Not all cause i don't want many people be mad at me cause i put their photos in my blog. The people in the pictures. Yeah, i asked their permission, eventhough after a while, they ask me to remove it and imma never removing it! Muahahaha! :3

Blog again whenever! xD Buhbyee :3